Shout! New PRODUCT

Shout! New Product

『Shab Shab』
Extremely thin, considerably more attractive!

To detail Shab Shab

Shout! New Product

Reliable bag for expedition trip and when you have many tackles and tools.


Shout! New Product

Every demand realized.
Aim for the yellowtail amberjack with the new generation of ENTICE!

To detai Entice

Shout! New Product

Fly! Swim! SPARROW DANGAN continues the DanGan tradition.


Shout! New Product

Reinforced press ring for reduced stress in the leader and improved coupling strength.


Shout! New Product

『Rod Tip Cover』
Use the rear adjust zipper unit to flexibly cover the tip!

To detai Rod Tip Cover

Shout! New Product

『Assist Case III』
Wide variety of assist hooks can be stored compactly and functionally.

To detai Assist Case III

Shout! New Product

『Answer 120g , 150g 』
Rubber Tail Jig ‘ANSWER’ S-shaped action confuses red sea bream.

To detail Answer 120g , 150g

Shout! New Product

『Powerful Spare Hook』
Madai hook , PE line , Silicon tube

To detail Powerful Spare Hook

Shout! New Product

『Feather Jaco』
Feather version of the Jaco Hook!
Enticing and easy for fish to bite! Pink Feather.

To detail Feather Jaco


Shout! PRODUCT ロッド

Shout! These jigging rods are the pursuit of the fisherman’s passion: Seduce Series & Answer Shaft. Try these rods to accommodate any situation.

Shout! PRODUCT ノットツール

The ultimate practical knot in the palm of your hand. The PR Knot line system developed in Nagasaki overwhelms the competition. Bobbin Knotter tying machine for the strongest PR knot.

Shout! PRODUCT ルアー

When you think offshore game, never forget the casting game! Use these lures your skills honed in jigging experience to blow your competition away on the shore. There’s more to Shout! than just jigging!

Shout! PRODUCT ジグ

These jigs, developed over numerous field tests and fine tuned for a wide range of situations, are Shout!’s greatest weapon. Give Shout! jigs a try and you won’t be sorry!

Shout! PRODUCT ラバージグ

Full lineup featuring Answer tai-raba (rubber jigs) as well as hooks and other parts for fishing red sea bream. Use with Answer Shaft rod for a tailor-made tai-raba experience!

Shout! PRODUCT Assist Hook

Whether you’re serious on the pursuit of yellowtail and amberjack, or going for light game from the shore, Shout! has a unique lineup of assist hook solutions for you!

Shout! PRODUCT フック

The hook is your point of contact with your prey. Shout! hooks have proven track records in a wide variety of fields. We take pride in the fine hooks we provide our customers.

Shout! PRODUCT バック

Every Shout! bag, in addition to its own features, has the possibility of being incorporated into a complementary system. These are tools you’ll want by your side, whether on big excursions, or light jigging trips.

Shout! PRODUCT グッズ

Making jigging more fun, and safer.